Our Services


"Shine On Mobile Pet Grooming works hard to make 'Happier Pets One Paw Step At A Time'. Our services are as stated below for DOGS ONLY. If you have any questions about what we offer, please email at!

Our Services

Our Dog Services - BATH
1. Bath - a complete bath with hypoallergenic shampoos made by EarthBath and a full dry without cages
2. Brush - a complete and thorough brushing of your pet
3. Blow Dry - a complete dry using a hand held dryer with no cages or timed hot dryers
4. Nail Trimming - a nail trim to a comfortable level for the pet
5. Ear Cleaning - cleaning the ears with internal or external cleaning.
6. Clean Up - a sanitary trim to clean up feet, face and private parts.

Our Dog Services - STYLE

Include the bathing services with an additional body clipping, hand scissoring and styling of choice.

Our Horse Services - CLIPPING

1. A full complete body clipping or partial clipping. Prices vary depending on horse.